nimbus isis trials or nimbus X?

i am in a big predicament
i love foot on crown tricks alot…
i like to wheel walk and one footed and want to cruise…
might try unispins
i like hopping but not xtreme
which one should i get?
i also like going down stairs…

please help i am ordering it today or tomorrow

include any experience u had with either and which one would be better for me

ive got a nimbus isis trials and love it ive never riden a nimbusX but ive heard nimbus isis trials are better.

im guessing you mean this

personally i think the nimbus isis trials is better, but im not really a street rider. i like crazy ass drops the height of me and trying big gaps:D i just cannot get my head round tricks but i try.

anybody else???
plz i this uni is gonna be my second and i dont wanna make a mistake.
i kinda like trials but like flat alot.
could i use this for both?

The nimbus ISIS trials is fine, good, great in fact. To me, it just seems like the upgraded version of the nimbus X street. The only real difference is the crank size, which you can change anyway. Shorter cranks will allow you to cruise at a slightly higher speed, but obviously they are not paramount.

In my opinion, you can do anything on the trials frame that you can on the X frame, also, so I recommend the nimbus ISIS trials.

I was expecting that a lot of other people would have come in here and said that but it hasn’t got much attention.

If you search, it’s possible that you may find recent reviews of both of these unicycles to help you.

Edit: correction - they both have the same size cranks, so the only minor difference is the frame (plus the nimbus trials has a larger seatpost diameter meaning it is stronger, and you have more options if and when you need a new seatpost).

…and the street would have a bit more room for foot on frame tricks, but some preffer the notched style crown of the II.

My vote? Get the II and if you really get into flat, get a KOXX signature frame and put it on your trials wheelset, like Spencer did.

Not as far as I can see… and as you say the notches do give you some extra grip, and the fact that the nimbus II frame is flat on the crown would be a plus point for me…

By that you mean the Nimbus ISIS trials (which has the nimbus II frame), right?

No. The street frame is flat from the center outward. The thinner seatpost moves the foot a few mm closer to the center.

I have the Nimbus X freestyle, but I don’t like the crown, but it’d be better if it were wider like the street frame. I think a frame that is also flat front to back would be better though, like the Semcycle frames. I’ve never tried one like that, the street or a II style frames though.


get the nimbus street with KH cranks and you have a good wheelset on a solid, flat frame.

I started with a Nimbus ISIS trials, which I like a lot. I had to upgrade the seatpost to chromo, and I decided to try the X frame because I had a little extra money.

The X frame is WAY easier to get your foot on, especially if you ride with the seat a little low. With the long neck frame and steel post, I’ll bet the frame is stronger than the Nimbus II with chromo post (a little bit).

If you ride with your seat lower than 30" from seat to top of pedal than you will probably have to cut down the X frame.

It’s a tough call, for me I like the X frame a little better because of the crown. But the Nimbus II is also very nice and you can get the seat much lower if you want (better suited for trials).

I’ll bet you’d be very happy with either one.

These pics are basically the same uni with different frames.

That picture does do the nimbus X street frame more justice than the one on UDC, for me…
and I like the look a lot - however it does still look quite thin, high, and therefore bendable in the long term - well more so than the II frame anyway. I do still think however that he is better off getting the nimbus ISIS trials, due to his beginner level, and his need to adjust the seatpost up and down for anything different styles of riding he may want to get into.

But obviously - don’t buy it on my account if you don’t want to.

That is what I was pointing out by saying

I imagine that your foot may slip more on the rounded (front to back) crown in wetter conditions.

That is what I was pointing out by saying

I imagine that your foot may slip more on the rounded (front to back) crown in wetter conditions.

I had a Black Domina frame and I broke it, then I got it replaced and I broke that one less than 3 months later. Now I ride KH everything.

I think the KH frames are just as weak… I hate breaking stuff :frowning:

Edit: Just as weak as what you say? Everything you think it might to just better than or equal to.

can i do a lil bit of tials with the nimbus X though?
i ride down stairs alot and wanna get into big drops
not more than around 5 feet
and maybe jump up stuff.
the uni i have now is a rounded crown so i can barely ride one footed without a problem
are the frames that different and has anyone broke an X frame?

You can do trials on the nimbus street, however if you want to be getting any good height eventually you will have great trouble hopping seat-in, which limits you to seat out, which I assume you haven’t learnt yet.

Also, unless you are doing drops seat out, you will not want to do any high drops with such a high seat - you will well… bash yourself.

Just think, what significant advantages are there of you getting the nimbus street over the ISIS trials? I can’t think of any.

Ps. I don’t know if anyone as broken the X frame, but I don’t recall anyone breaking the Nimbus II frame which comes on the ISIS trials.