Nimbus Isis trials green?

Well I was looking on unicycle dot com wondering which unicycle I was going to get the nimbus Isis trials with moment cranks. The only thing left to decide was the color. Any suggestions would be awesome and very appreciated. I was thinkin green but I noticed that the picture for green nimbus did not have the same color seatpost as the seat which was black as well as purple. What is strange is that in the seat color options though there is green. Does this green seat not match because I think it’s a bit darker. Responses and help is very appreciated!


Just choose whatever you want.

Call unicycle dot com and ask them: they can look at the stock for you, unlike anyone on this forum who will not be able to give you accurate advice.

Although it is a fact that a properly colour co-ordinated unicycle is half the weight of a colour mis-matched unicycle even if they have the same parts, and this means that you can crankflip, glide and unispin without hours of practice first (for clarification, that was a joke).

i have the green, yellow and red. ill be getting the blue one soon. all with isis cranks. i love them all. all the colors look good.

Different sizes I hope :slight_smile: