Nimbus isis trials for flat?

Does anybody use a nimbus isis trials for flat? If yes how would you say it compares to a koxx dominia?

I think that’s Ok. The Nimbus have is strong, have a “square” crown, a good wheelset…

I think that the biggest problem is the Nimbus Cranks… For flat you need cranks with space to put your foot, and the nimbus aren’t designed for that…
You can use Moment cranks, that are stroger and better for flat i think… But they still don’t have a BIG space to put your foot… There are other cranks that maybe will work good for flat!

In flat you put a lot of force in the seat (sideway ww) and in the seat post, so a CF base and a good seat post are important!

I never used a Nimbus, so i’m just saying what i think… Wait for more answers!


Assuming you have Kris Holm cranks (as many people do on their Nimbus’s) then they’re pretty good, better than something like a DX.

I’ve actually heard that DX cranks are good for flatland, surprisingly.

Wouldn’t cranks with q-factor be good in this case, as you say that he needs big room for his feet?

get Qu-Ax ISIS cranks if you can, they’re tubular and have a large area to stand on, very similiar to Koxx street cranks, except more length choices.
Edit: linky also, they’re available in 145 and 125 on this page, they’re just not labeled properly

That’s pretty hard to believe…

I can’t imagine the guy who told you this had any experience whatsoever with modern flatland. The DX cranks are perhaps the worst cranks ever where it comes to flatland.

That being said, I would just use a freestyle Uni for flatland. Trials Unis are silly for Flat.