nimbus isis trial

Hey im thinkin bout getting the nimbus isis trial, and was wonderin what people that own one think about theirs. Also would like some imput on preferences on crank sizes. Thanks alot.

upgrade the cranks to the KH ones, it will give you a great, strong uni. the nimbus isis is a great uni

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137mm kh moment cranks.
Im getting the nimbus trials in june with kh moments and im also going to buy upgrades for my crap unicycle so i can unicycle till june =]

I was also wondering if there is anywhere to buy the nimbus isis trials that is cheaper than

Nope, The nimbus trials is cheap already and nimbus is’s own brand.

I second everything that was said in here, except for the cranks sizes, but this is a matter of personnal preference… I have the 125mm KH Moments and am utherly happy with them : beautiful, strong and massive, and the right length to ride with a bit of smoothness while retaining some leverage for obstacles and jumps.
Depends on what you intend to do with this uni of course, but unless you do trials, I wouldn’t use 137mm KH Moment. Again, this is strictly personal, so unless you tell us a bit more about what use you intend to put this uni to, we can’t help you much further.
As for the quality of the Nimbus, just do a search on the forum, there are a lot of posts already talking about it.

i’ve had the isis since about october; it has been awesome. i think you should definetly go with it.

I’ll probly be doin some street and trials with it, if that helps yall out any!

My Nimbus uni with the upgraded 137mm kh cranks is coming on Tuesday. I’ll be upgrading from a torker dx, so I’ll tell you how much its improved my overall riding when I get it.

Therefore get 137s - 125s are nice to ride with and it’s possible to do trials, but you don’t realise how much better you could be at trials until you try and rider with longer cranks…

what advantage does it give you?

Wider/bigger stance, better stability.

My new nimbus came today, and I am completely satisfied with it. Like I said previously I switched from a torker dx, and the nimbus feels 100 times better. You know how usually when you switch from something it takes a while to get used too and you like the old one you had better for a short while. Well after about 5 revolutions of the pedal to get used to the new 137 cranks I was already like WOW, how did I manage to live without this unicycle. I went to the park to go try it out, and ledges that would take me an hour to land, I was getting consistent at within 5 minutes of trying. It handles trials great but if you need to go fast to clear a stairset or something, it still can handle it. I regret ever purchasing the kh fusion instead of street for my dx. Because my new street saddle makes sif hopping way easier. Overall great unicycle.

100% for sure that you should get this uni. Anyone who is thinking about getting it, stop think, just do it, you won’t be sorry. I was in you same situation and decided to get it and I have absolutely NO doubt that I made the right decision. I also upgraded the cranks to KH moments and feel the same way about them, no doubt I made the right decision there. If you plan on doing street get the 125’s. If you plan on doing trials get the 137’s. Easy as that.

i prefer the nimbus with moments to the dh pro. Its nice because if you want to upgrade you can, very easily

I just received my new nimbus isis trial with 137 moments. VERY satisfied! It’s everything i hoped for and more. Thanks very much for ya’lls input and advice. I appreciate it.

Enjoy, it’s a great uni that will last for long…

Hi, would you buy it in black or in Chrom? What looks better?
I couldn´t found any pics with it in black…
thanks, and sry for my bad english :roll_eyes:

Use the search, Luke !

Else check it here.