nimbus isis questions

hey everyone,
i am going to order a nimbus isis soon and had some questions

do the nimbus stickers come?
i might paint it but i just dont like the stickers

could i sand paper it?
i like the rugged look alot but would it hurt the uni?

input is much appreciated since i am a new rider.

p.s. of course i am getting kh moments

you can probably get the stickers off with some white spirit or meths. Rubbing the frame with sandpaper won’t damage it but will take off the chrome plating that stops it rusting. Not quite sure what you mean by ‘the rugged look’, it’s quite common to strip Khs down becase they are aluminium, so won’t rust and look cool. A stripped nimbus frame would juts look very plain and would rust like hell unless you painted it afterwards.

ok so sand paper is prob out of the question

what did u say to use to get the stickers off?

That’d do it, but I think I’d try something less obnoxious first. Many hardware or cleaning-supply stores sell a citrus-based solvent, and it would be my first choice. And no, you don’t want to remove the chrome.

I’ve had success with peeling off some stickers and using washing up liquid and a plastic scouring pad to remove the sticky bit (obviously not a metal scourer as that’ll scratch it). Worth a try before you go buying anything to use on it.


You could use a heatgun or hairdryer and heat the sticker up then just peel it off

Maybe you could just ask for them to not put a stick on if that’s possible…