Nimbus Inferno Trials 20 Inch

I purchased a Nimbus inferno for my son’s birthday and he has never really tried to use it. There is a scuff on the seat but no other scratches or dings. The tires still have the new tire strings on it. I am having camera issues but I can text pics. I know very little about it but would be glad to try to answer any questions. I live in Huntsville, Al.


How much? I’m definitely interested.

for sale

I was hoping to get $250 … I paid 350 for it in March

Do you mean $250+shipping or $250 shipped?

Also, are all of the parts stock? Does it have the Flat saddle and Cyko-Lite tire? On UDC that’s what they show in the picture but not what’s in the description.

Nimbus Inferno

What color is it? Is it a 20" tire?

According to UDC listing and the name, it is red.

The big question is: is it still for sale ? And does you wished price includes shipping ?


How long are the cranks? Are they the stock 125mm venture2 cranks?

jeeez people

For cryin out loud, you either want the uni or you don’t. It’s brand new. Make an offer or don’t. She probably doesn’t know anything more than you do about it.

Usually, that is where posting a picture(s) (or link a link to) helps a lot because most of the questions can be auto-answered by a decent quality picture.

However, you are right, offers can be made (usually through PM).

But a useful thing is to keep the thread alive with some posts if the uni is still for sale (as it is easy to forget to post a “sold” message and close the thread once everything is done).