Nimbus Impulse + Kris Holm Freeride or Street

Hey Folks. I wanted to order an Impulse by tonight to save with the 10% discount but am only limited to a KH Street seat as an available option. Should I wait until Freeride is available as an option or stick with the Nimbus Gel? I have ridden street on my trials and freeride on my 29. I would like the freeride (just emailed josh) but was wondering if this is a deal breaker if I can’t get that substitution in time? davey

Everyone has their own prefference, but from what I hear the flatter shape of the Street is a better for riding, than the Gel, but the street also has less padding. For me I think overal the Gel would be more comfortable long distance (I have a Gel and Freeride, never tried the Street). If you get the Gel and significantly preffer the shape of the seat on your trials, you could shave the Gel down, but you’d have to get a heavy duty staple gun to put the cover back on (or get a KH cover).

Some like the Gel for distance, but it doesn’t work for my sensitive rear. If I was buying for me, it would be Freeride or nothing.