Do to a bum disc in my neck, it would appear my long distance uni riding days may be over. So I am selling my Nimbus impulse 36er with disc brake and the shadow handle. I have both bar ends, but only use the front. I upgraded it when I bought it with a Kris Holm seat and 150/125 moment cranks. It’s in great shape with some scratches on the handle from some UPD’s. It has one of the Nimbus clear tubes and the night rider tire. I would prefer a local sale to avoid shipping. I am located in the Seattle area. $600 obo.
This is the unicycle I rode a 100 miles on my 50th birthday. I can get more pics on request. I would be willing to meet somewhere a reasonable distance away.

No! You can’t sell it. What if the doc’s wrong? :wink:
Just kidding Keith, I understand. Still, I’ll seriously miss seeing it on the train during the morning commute. If I had an extra $600 I’d gladly pick it up.

To all you with a few extra coins this is one sick uni. I can personally attest that it’s in excellent condition and appears to cruise as well as it steals looks.

Nimbus Impulse

I am interested in purchasing your unicycle. I have $650 burning a hole in my pocket. The only problem is that my pocket and I live is South Dakota! If you would consider shipping the unicycle to 57350, I would like to purchase it for that amount. My contact info is: Thank you for your consideration. Kelly O’


I am in Portland, and will be heading up to Seattle area this Fri/Sat.
Maybe we can meet up to check out the Nimbus.
I am interested.
I sent you a PM.
Pete B.

'Just want to say sorry to Keith…
I was not able to meet up and check out the Uni due to my own schedule conflict.
It looks so cool.
I’ll make a better plan to check it out next time if it’s still available.

No worries, No hurries Pete. Hope your kid did well in the swim meet. I’m a unicycle rider. I believe that implies that I am not in that big of a rush.

Did Pete buy your 36 Nimbus?

If Peet is not taking the 36 Nimbus I will do :). Please let me know.

He and I were not able to connect this weekend, so it is available.