Nimbus II?

Hello all…I’m lazy so I don’t feel like going through the trouble of sifting through previous threads. Here I go: I want a trials uni (right now I have a KH 29 that has a road and muni option and a cheap beginners twenty that I got for <$80. I want to expand my trials/freestyle skills, but I do not have the money to by a nice new impact or KH one. I’m wondering if a Nimbus II would fulfill my needs. I’m around 5’6 and still growing, and around 125 lbs. Should I wait on the Trading Post until a good one pops up, or should I go ahead and buy a new Nimbus II of UDC? Will it break in large jumps?

I’m stating the obvious here, but it depends on your definition of large jumps, and how much you cushion them. A trials wheel with a fat tire will absorb a lot more of the shock of drops. The nimbus II has a 48 spoke wheel that is pretty bombproof, but anything will break if you bottom out the tire. If you want to develop freestyle skills, the II is probably a better choice because you can run a slim tire at high pressures. If you really leaning more towards trials/street, then you’re better off with the big fat 19" tire. At your weight, you’re very unlikely to damage the nimbus II unless you’re abusing it. You may want to consider an Athmos or a Nimbus trials. They aren’t too much more than a Nimbus II

Max tire size is 2.8" on a Nimbus II but that’s pushing it. I’d say a max 2.5" tire is more realistic for jumps. The Nimbus II is a good unit but probably not fat enough for what you’re wanting to do