Nimbus II vs Yuni

:roll_eyes: I’d like to hear from you which you think is better. I’m more or less a beginner in the world of Muni riding. Am just learning to hop(about 9" so far, vertically) and do drops of about 18" or so, nothing too tricky yet but I’m learning fast. I actually own both styles of frame and so far am partial to the Yuni because of it’s slimmer profile and neater look. (It has chrome caps welded in place over the tops of the fork tubes instead of black plastic plugs.) Someone mentioned that the Nimbus II frame flexes less, however. How do you tell? What will I be doing before I notice a difference :thinking: Also, does the Yuni frame have enough side to side clearance for the 3" Gazzalodi tire?

Unfortunately this is the only question I can answer, but yes. I think it can fit in a 26" Yuni frame but not a 24".


How much side to side free space is required of a frame to prevent rubbing of the tire when executing sharp turns or sideways hops etc. and to prevent the rocks that are picked up by the tire from clinking on the frame? Is there kind of a standard that you should shoot for?

I think my next 3" tire will not be the Gazz. The Cujo DH (I think that’s the one) is a few mm’s thinner, allowing for more clearance

Yes I kind of agree with Sofa, although I don’ tthink I’ll need another tire for a while. I like the Gazz, but it tends to rub enough to get annoying for me. But saying this, I have no clue how it would fit those frames.