Nimbus II & KH/Onza Hub?

Ok, I finally have the money to fix my uni, which means getting a new hub. I’m looking at the KH/Onza hub, but am wondering if it will fit on my Nimbus II 24" frame. According to the helpful folks at, the wheelset that they sell here will fit my beloved Nimbus II frame. This appears to be the old KH hub. Is the new hub better than the old one?

Oh, and as an aside, my Duro Leopard is balding, what do people recommend for a replacement?


The new hub is lighter than the old one, doesn’t click and is stronger, i should imagine it can be made to fit the Nimbus II with suitable spacers. I have that exact wheel set in my Nimbus II frame and it works great, you just have to flex the legs in very slightly to get the bearings to drop in to their housings. This set does use the first generation hub so you may want to have the crank nubs removed somwehow and later type bolts used if you have problems clipping your ankles. As for tyre, if you do alot of climbing or steep descent, get a Nokian Gazzalodi, otherwise get another Duro, i think they’re better for trials and more technical hopping.


Thanks for thr iinput! I guess I’ll go with the KH/Onza then :smiley: