Nimbus II isis?

my friend has a nimbus 2 that i want to buy from him but he knows nothing about it, i know its a nimbus 2 because the machined bearing holders but he cant tell me if it is ISIS or not. i was wondering did they ever sell nimbus 2’s with out the isis hub? :thinking:

also its a nimbus 2 because it has a different frame style yes it is isis unless your friend changed the hub and the cranks heres a pic of isis hub if it looks like that just different colored with the almost star shape to it then its isis

Not necessarily.

They did make the nimbus 2 without isis for a long time, it was and is still called a nimbus trials, nimbus 2 is the frame name… They even sold them after they, the isis version, came out if my memory is correct.

-It might be isis, or square taper. The main difference in the models are the cranks, and the bearing holders from what I can recall. If the bearing holders are machined, meaning there is only a bolt which directly threads into the frame, it is going to be the isis version. To make sure take an allen wrench and take the cranks bolt out, if you see that it is just a square then no it is not, if it looks like spines (as show above) then yes it is.

the nimbus 2 did come in non-isis (cotterless), I know because i have one. Look at the name on the hub if there is one. Mine says “ CrMo Hub” so I knew it was not isis right away

Just take of one crank and you’ll see.

normaly it should work if your friend delete the Crank screw and make a picture.
Then you should be able to see if it is a square Hub or a ISIS Hub. I also have that hub which is a squared one.

Hey, that’s just like mine! :slight_smile:

Im still stuck on what i want to get, i WANT a KH20 but having no job will make me even longer. Or i could get a nimbus trials with a KH fusion street saddle and KH moments for 200 bucks less than the KH. Orrrr… i could save for the KH and by the time i have the money for the KH the 09’s might come out. Or some one can sell me one:p

If you get the Nimbus with Moments and the KH seat the only thing thats really a big difference is the frame.

The Nimbus trials has the 05 KH rim, bit narrower than the 08 but very strong.

You can buy the Nimbus now and upgrade the frame to the KH later (what basicly gives you a full KH, just with a Nimbus hub)

Or save your money and get the full KH later.

Any idea when the 09 KH’s come out?

Kris doesn’t make changes periodically, he changes stuff on his unis all over the year. There may be never a KH09.

arent there new seats coming out? cause they are trying to give away the fusion saddles

Maybe, i dont know.
You dont need to wait for a new seat to come out. The best thing on the fusion seats is that you can remove the cover and mod it like you want.
And if you break the seatbase, you can easily install a CF-base.

I will probably end up with the Nimbus trials with a fusion seat and moments. But if i get a job soon or i sell some stuff ill get what i really want a KH20.

The nimbus is great, I ride one and love it.

Don’t wait for the 09, the 08 just came out this summer hahaha. Kris isn’t about pushing out crap yearly, he really does an awesome job listening to peoples critiques on the models and fixes them for the coming models, this takes a while.

The nimbus is a proquality ride, some of the best riders use what is basically a nimbus cycle.

I.E, Justin Kohse