Nimbus II In the U.S.?

I have been hearing so many good things about the NimbusII frames. Are there any plans to bring this beauty to the good ol U.S. of A.? Not that I have any money at the moment, but my next ride is going to be a trials uni, and I think that would be a nice one.
-David Kaplan

yes,i was asking about the 28 inch with today and they said they were due in a couple weeks(maybe).

i dont know about any of the other sized ones might call and ask.your pretty close to Europe just get one shipped accross the pond from,it might cost more but not much more.

i’m building a 29er but ive decided to go with thee Sem XLW 28.

anyhow according to J,Dummond there is" big demand" for those nimbus framez and they are supposed to be here soon.

The Nimbus II frame is definately on my list. I’m snagging one as soon as they arrive.

Sure, it looks cool, but is that all? Could you compare advantages/disadvantages with the Sem XLW?

It can take the Gazz. And it’s the lucifer fork.


i am going for a road uni so i dont need the clearance for a 3.0 tire and the Semecycle 28 inch has enough for a fat 700c tire.

i like cast fork crowns,they look better and are often times,stronger.A cheap cast crown is better than a cheap TIG welded crown.

plus dont forget its a SEMcycle,not a newbie frame thingy.

Well I think we are discussing about a muni frame… and it is definitly one of the best frames u can buy for muni…and its also cheep and strong. If u wanna ride road or freestyle, there are a lot of better frames, but for muni and trial, it is my choice

Re: Nimbus II In the U.S.?

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jagur <> wrote:

> plus dont forget its a SEMcycle,not a newbie frame thingy.

Pull those claws in pussy cat. The Nimbus 2 frame we have is lovely, they
have been around a while ( just not in the USA) and are designed by Roger
davies, designer of the CF mk 1-5 unis, the Dodger ( which is a learners
yike, the rogue and the Nimbus frames, the N2 frame builds on the
sucess of the N1 and improves it with flatter crown so its better for
stand up tricks, the straight crown also means a 29er tyre fitts with lots
of clearence room.

I do have a sem, an XL, but I ride the N2 frame a lot more.
The N2 is similar in style to the KH and the ONZA trials unicycle
frames, they may look a little skeletal, but they work rather well.

Of course, being in the US, were there is a national shortage of Nibus 2
frames may make your choices accademic.


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Do these reconcile? (either way, it was worth hearing Sarah call Jagur a Pussy Cat…)


Re: Nimbus II In the U.S.?

I had not realised that I had claimed to design the Nimbus II frame ?!? I
did not at all, I was offered it and realised it’s potential. I am not sure
if Norco can claim that it is totally their design either. It is a common
format for Bike forks and has been about for years. What is interesting is
that the new Onza frame is the same format and their comments were that it
was how to build a frame big enough for the big tyres required. They had no
knowledge of the other frame at all.


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> Sarah Miller wrote:
> > *The Nimbus 2 frame we have is lovely, they
> > have been around a while ( just not in the USA) and are designed by
> > Roger
> > davies
> > *
> and
> > -Originally posted by Kris Holm-
> > *OK, this is kind of funny. Last year I finally convinced Norco that
> > they
> > need to produce at least an entry level trials unicycle.
> > I wrote down a
> > few suggestions (ie flat crown, fit a big tire, etc.).
> > The first sample
> > prototype that that was sent to Norco from Taiwan was a
> > standard
> > rounded-fork crown unicycle frame, just slightly larger
> > for a Monty tire.
> > This is the frame that is the new entry-level Norco
> > Trials uni. Too late
> > for production, they sent a second prototype to Norco. I
> > thought it was
> > kind of ugly, honestly, because the vertical stays stuck
> > up higher than
> > the horizontal crown (they welded the vertical stays
> > outside the
> > horizontal crown, instead of underneath the crown).
> > However it was fully
> > functional and the bumpy crown is quite good for grip.
> >
> > I think that Roger at inadvertently was
> > dealing with the same
> > production facility in Taiwan as Norco was, and he must
> > have asked them
> > whether they had any uni frames suitable for a larger
> > diameter 20" tire.
> > I’m guessing they suggested the Norco prototype, and
> > this has become the
> > Nimbus frame.
> >
> > -Kris. *
> Do these reconcile? (either way, it was worth hearing Sarah call Jagur
> a Pussy Cat…)
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