Nimbus II hold my weight...

hey, im about 55Kgs and i was wondering, would the nimbus II 20" be able to hold my weight on drops when i get into it? would i need to get a trials uni instead or would the nimbus be fine for trials?

probably not…is this the nimbus II you’re talking about?
thats a freestyle unicycle, not meant for drops at all. you should get a trials unicycle instead.

Depends on the height of the drop. I would say you would be perfectly fine on things like curbs, maybe even riding (not hopping) down stairs.

you would be much better off gettin a trials unicycle.
although they are a bit more expensive its worth it because they will not break as easily. the fat tyre cussions some of the impact. i weigh about 50 kgs and a non-splined trials unicycle for me is good for up to about 2-3 feet drops.

if you want to go furthur than that then you should look at getting a splined unicycle like the koxx or kh.

ahh ok. what if i stuck a 2.5" muni wheel in instead?.. or would i just have to buy a muni?
would i be able to bunnyhop at least?

If you are going to put a 2.5" wheel in it, why not just get the Nimbus Trials unicycle it is only $30 AU more which is cheaper than buying a second wheel.

The Nimbus Trials is ok for beginners trials but has a cotterless hub so won’t be as strong as a splined unicycle but splined unicycles cost at least $200 AU more


ahhh ok… i might just save for a trials… im not sure ill do much MUni