nimbus II freestyle

ok so any reviews on this uni i think it’ll be my next…

It’s a good uni. The nimbus freestyle frame is better tho. Still, very god unicycle, I’ve spent several hours riding one in the gym.

the LX is better and cheaper, but a little plain in color

is what ways is it better?

that has a stronger frame, a comfier seat with a better handle, a stronger hub, and better pedals.

thanks guys…really helping…keep the reviews coming

i see there is an option for a bermuda tire for an extra 10 dollars…should i go for it???

I’ve never tried the bermuda but I think the Kenda Kikzumbut Tire is really great
It’s been wearing down a bit just like the soles of my shoes since I’ve been learning to glide but thats just gonna happen with all the pressure on the tire.
If you don’t pay the extra 10$ you wont be dissapointed with the Kenda.
Plus It has the coolest name ever:D

(“kick some butt”)

I think the Torker LX and Nimbus II have some similarities. They both have strong frames and are value for money. So i’d a coin toss to decide which 1 to get. :smiley:

I say nimbus because its comfier and has a nicer tire (the kitzumat is awesome in my opinion)

that’d be Kikzumbut. Get it? Kick some…

I’ve had a Nimbus 2 since January.
I basically learnt on it, so while I’m no expert, I can say it worked brilliantly as my first Uni.

I still ride it a lot, but also ride a Nimbus 24" MUni as well.

Save the extra 28 dollars and get the nimbus X. It is pretty much the best freestyle they have on UDC and its barely that much more. Eventualy you will probably want to upgrade the frame anyways so you may aswell. Not to mention the X will have a better resale value if you deside get rid of it.

well the nimbus II has a better seat than the LX and probably has better construction.

But for 28 extra dollar… get the nimbus X, a very very nice freestyle uni.

munbus 2 = better than the lx, numbus x = better than nimbus 2

its as easy as that

now thats the review i want!!!

oh and i forgot to say KH=owns them all

(but not for freestyle)