Nimbus II freestyle Lt

I’m thinking of getting me a proper freestyle unicycle and looking on UDC UK I’m thinking I’ll probably (eventually) get a Nimbus II Freestyle. What I’m not sure about is the difference between the regular nimbus II and the “lt” version.

The two are at the top of the page here.

Also if I were to get this would it be worth replacing the regular frame with a long neck frame? I’m only really just getting into freestyle. I can ride one footed and wheel walk a bit and stuff so is this a suitable uni?



Sorry, I cant help you, I have no experience on that uni. Somebody will chime in here soon though. =p

From the descriptions on the web page; the Nimbus II is only available in red, has Nimbus Gel seat, black tire and 48 spokes; the Nimbus II lt comes in red or blue, has Kris Holm seat, gray tire and 36 spokes

Other than that they look quite similar

Long neck frames are good, as you are less likely to catch your leg on the saddle stem clamp but not essential for freestyle