Nimbus II e.t.a. and possible remedy

Question for John Drummond and associated personnell… is there established an expected arrival date for the Nimbus II frame here in the states? Is that something that’s been arranged already, and we’re just waiting for the actual shipment?

Part of the reason that I ask is that last night it ocurred to me that while I myself am not headed out to UniCon, others from around the world are… including people from Great Britain. Would loading up a box with 15 or 20 NII frames as part of someone’s checked luggage be a valid “shipping method” for those of us here in the states wishing to get our hands on one? Are the buggers in short supply even on their side of the pond?

If this isn’t just a harebrained idea, then I’m sure it would be a simple matter to take an informal survey here on the board to determine the frame size distribution for which get shipped…

I dunno… just a thought

John M

Wow. What a great idea. If anyone wants to bring a few with them for me then I’d be more than grateful. :slight_smile:

You know, I need to replace the frame on my original 24" trainer. I was considering just picking one up at UNICON. If somebody has a Nimbus II frame to sell, I’d probably buy one. If somebody wants definite confirmation on that before you start buying frames to carry on the plane with you, let me know.

unofficial update

last i heard the nimbus 2 would start being shipped to around the 15th of july, and possibly be ready around the 30th