Nimbus II. Any thoughts?

I’ve got a 24in Nimbus II on the way, and I was wondering if anyone who has had experience with these could give me their 2 cents. Any problems you’ve noticed? Any thing good or bad to say about them?
I’m 170lbs, and I was wondering how much abuse this would be able to hold up to. I’m wanting to start jumping curbs, and possibly benches, tables etc…

I had a Nimbus2 29’er that I really liked a lot. It was stiff and sturdy. My wheel had a KH XC rim, and I suspect that the rim is probably the weak point on the freestyle Nimbus. Still, as long as the wheel has good tension it should be pretty solid. You may have to re-tension the wheel when you get it. Factory built wheels are notorious for low tension.

I like mine and have zero had problems. I don’t do more than ride down curbs. Usual recommendation for doing drops is to upgrade to moment cranks and you are good to go. I had to tighten my cranks a couple of time until they became well seated but that is pretty typical. After a couple of months I trued my wheel, but didn’t really need to. I have not felt the need to upgrade anything on my Nimbus II. I like the hookworm tire and so far I am satisfied with the stock seat (but I ride with good quality bike shorts). Someday I will upgrade to a Kris Holm seat.

Ezas, How is that Gel seat BTW? Is it comparable to a Velo Gel Seat, or maybe a stock DX seat?

There are multiple types of Nimbus II 24" unicycles.

Mine is the square taper MUni. The cranks I’m currently using can withstand 3ft drops or so with perfect technique, but I’ve bent similar cranks in the past on a mere foot and a half drop (with horrendous technique), so I don’t take it off of any drops. I have my other unis for that :wink:

It has a weird red rim that isn’t as wide as I would like it to be. All the spokes were loose when I got it so I trued the wheel.

I’m using it as my snow uni, since the Gazz tire I have on it stays relatively supple in the cold, and I have sheet metal screws that I use as studs.

The Nimbus gel seat is suitable, if not ideal, for most riding. Mine has a broken seat base that I bolted back together, extra foam that actually makes it less comfortable(weather stripping:o), and three layers of duct tape underneath the cover.

I have another Nimbus gel seat in near perfect condition in my box of uni parts. I don’t use it because I like the thinner KH seats better for both my trials and freestyle unis.

I have nothing to compare it to except the seat I had on a Schwinn unicycle 25 years ago. That seat wasn’t bad, some kind of heavy foam rubber, but it was no gel seat with nylon cover. So to my fanny this stock gel seat feels pretty good. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

No, that’s plenty of help. Thanks Ezas.
Nimblelight, I’m looking at the 24 in cruiser with the Red anodized Alloy rim. The hub is ISIS splined, rather than square tapered on this one. I wasn’t sure whether or not to go with this one, or if the MUni has that much more to offer for the money. To me it just looks like they added the venture cranks, a knobby tire, and aluminum pedals. I’m not sure if the rim is a different construction or not…
Would anyone happen to know what other differences there are between the Nimbus II Cruiser, and the MUni by chance?

The MUni frame is wider allowing for fatter tires, and it has magura bosses. The Muni has a 36 spoke wheel with a stronger fatter rim. The rim is identical to the 2005 KH MUni rim.

Otherwise the differences are pretty much as you described.

I don’t think the MUni has a stronger frame, but just a bit more width. As long as the wheel is well tensioned it should be good and strong. If you ever destroy your rim you could always us a 32 hole trials rim on the 48 hole hub without much trouble. That opens up a world of rim possibilities.

I got a Nimbus II frame on my Muni. It’s an awsomely strong frame, mine hit rocks pretty hard a couple of times and it just makes a little scratch on it. The only thing I dont like is that I hit my knee on my crown sometimes, but that would happen with any 24" frame I would have. It’s a really good frame…

I’ve got a Nimbus X 24, pretty similar, except the other frame shape. It’s been great. I’m over 200 lbs, I’ve only managed about 8" of drop so far onto pavement. no problems, I think UDC/nimbus is really doing it right, good price point and a bomber Uni. They just need to sell em with KH seats instead.

Hey Dingo, I have the very uni you are describing, It is not a muni due to the narrower rim, also it is 48 spokes. The Nimbus II freestyle 24" frame is the old 24" muni frame before they made it wider and added brake mounts.

If you’re really wanting that uni, give me a hollar, I might sell my mine.


I’ve actually already got one ordered. It should be here tomorrow hopefully!
After all the input, I think I’m going to keep this one for strictly the street, and buy a dedicated MUni with brakes and a wider rim later on down the road. I was planning on making this just a good, all around ride, but the jack of all trades is the master of none, so may as well keep it specific. And if I do bend or break the cranks, I’ll just upgrade then! lol

Hey! I resemble that!

…anyway, this unicycle doesn’t really specialize in anything. The frame is particularly poor for freestyle(I can’t do anything related to the crown of the frame that is harder than gliding on mine), and yet you can’t put a big tire on it for MUni.

Mine isn’t stock, so I don’t know that I can comment on much else than I already have. As is, mine is a snow uni, and I’m happy with that.

It is what it is: similar to the Cyclepro and Sun beginner’s unicycles, but higher in quality. You can jump small barrels and ride logs on it without fear. With a MUni tire it is decent enough for trails that don’t have huge drops or need super wide tire, and with square taper cranks you can try out different cranks fairly cheaply.

I have the 24" Nimbus with the hookworm tire and I like it very well. The only problem is that they shipped it with fairly loose spokes to it creaked a bit. I would advise tightening up the spokes and truing the wheel after a few rides. I have also switched out the pedals to Odyssey PC or something like that.

Have fun with your new toy!


Im picking it up tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to getting it! It actually is ISIS splined though, not squared.

I think you made a good choice. Uni’s are easy to upgrade as you go along. If you find yourself enjoying offroad/muni riding you can swap out to a knobby tire. Like you said, when you bend the cranks, buy better cranks. That Nimbus will give you a lot of service before you need a more specialized Uni.

As you ride more you will figure out what kind of riding you like to do. For instance I have little interest in Muni/Trials. The most I plan to tackle is riding down stairs and being able to hop up them. I do know that I want to ride longer distances, so someday I will buy a 29", and if I bought one today it would be another Nimbus. (I like the slope shoulder 29" they sell).

Haha, then it’s a completely different uni(the frame is different too!), and is probably somewhat specialized.

Is it the freestyle or the MUni?

It’s the freestyle. I was suprised when I got it because the hookworm tire is a LOT bigger than I expected (2.5). The uni is awesome, but I think I’ll end up putting longer cranks on it here soon. I’m not used to the 125mm ones. I have long legs, so the 150s work great for me, and take less energy to move.


125mm cranks are too short for you on a 24" freestyle?

What are you, 12 feet tall?

By the time you get a longer pair of cranks you’ll already be used to them.

My last 24in uni had 150’s on it, and I got to liking them when I would ride any sort of distance because it takes less energy to turn the wheel. I noticed I have to put a lot more force on the pedals when I try and go up a hill now, which strains my legs and makes me less stable. I think I want to find a suitable compromise though, because 150’s have their drawbacks too. I’m going to see if I can find an odd size somewhere in the middle. It will limit my choice of cranks, but I at least know they make them.