Nimbus II and your tire

Ok, I blew my tire today test riding my Nimbus II. I tried taking the tire off by taking off the four bolts that holds it on. Well…apparently one bolt does NOT want to come off. I’ve tried holding it with some pliers, pulling it so the notch goes it and holds the bolt still, and just trying to ease it off. Nothing seems to work. How do I get this blasted last nut and bolt off when I can’t even get a grip to turn the nut? Get a hacksaw and chop it off?

Try putting the other bolt back in, then loosen off the problem hardware.

Sadly, being a maintenance guy, i should’ve known that, but i guess my fury blinded me.

Thanks, it seemed to help tremendously. After I got it off, I looked at the bolt and the thread the nut was on seemed to have been mis-drilled, so to speak. The thread was only half there. Maybe tomorrow after I get my tube, I will have to make a trip to a hardware store and get some actual bolts, since I kinda messed the frame up a bit.

Thanks again.