nimbus ii and profile hub.

i got my profile today!
it’ll be built into my monty rim by mid next week.

does anybody else with this setup have any recomendations as to which spacers to use with a nimbus ii 20" frame?

the bearings seem realy loose on the axle, i assume this is normal but it does seem a bit weird to me. should i worry about it?

Hey, I’ve got the same setup as you. I forget exactly what spacers I used, your basically just going to have to figure out what works. I got these weird “flying saucer with a hole in it” shaped spacers, which interfere with the bearing holders if you have them to close to the bearings. Also, the bearing holders scrapes against the outside of the hub if the bearings are to close to that. I had to stretch my frame outward a little to get it to fit. Make sure it works before putting the cranks on.

In what way are the bearings loose? If its side to side on the axle, that’s ok, it will be tightened down when you put the cranks on. If the inner diameter of the bearing is way bigger than the outer diameter of the axle, you might have the wrong sized bearings. Keep in mind that the bearings are meant to slide easily on axle.

Hope this helps.


yeah i supose i’ll just play with it till it works.

the bearings just slide allong the axle,
i suppose it dosent realy mater since theres spacer to keep them in place,
it just struck me as very diferent from the bearings on my other unicycles which have to be pressed onto the axle.

thanks, i just wanted to set my mind at ease.