Nimbus II and muni

I have a Nimbus II with a hookworm tyre (24"). I hope to eventually use it for Muni. Will I need a knobbly tyre? IF so, does anyone have any recommendations.
Thanks to all.

Genreally running a knobbly allows for higher hop and drop heights, better performance over rough terrain and better grip on loose surfaces. It depends how extreme you want to go as to which tyre you get, the Duro Wildlife Leopard/Halo Contra and the Nokian Gazzalodi are both tyres commonly used for Muni, but they will require you to change the rim i think.

Also you will need the extra wide version of the Nimbus II, but i believe that most of them made were extra wide so that shouldn’t be a problem. If your vertical tubes have plastic caps in the top and start round at the top moving to flattened at the bottom then that’s the right frame. If you want to keep with the curent rim and go for something a little more trail orientated rather than for technical Muni then just head to your local bike shop and find something between 2 and 3 inches wide. The hookworm is an awesome tyre, but i can’t think of anything worse for Muni.


You can do muni with a nimbus 2, and even with a hookworm on dry and hardpacked surfaces. Fine for an intro, then you can get a new tyre if (when) you decide you like muni. The tyres mentioned above are good.

You don’t need a new frame. Loads of people have 3.0 tyres on the original nimbus II frames. I don’t like the newer frames anyway, I can’t think of what they do that the old one’s didn’t, other than repeatedly bash your knees. Having said that, that’s just an issue of getting used to it.

Don’t forget metal pedals as well. They make so much difference when you’ve got wet or muddy pedals/shoes.


Thanks for that.

Even if you do have issues with a 3" tyre, I’ve run the Kenda Kinetics 2.4" on mine since I bought it and I’ve never been temped to upgrade to a Gazz anything, its been perfect for all the hard muni i’ve done.


I used to do muni on a 1 3/4" wide schwinn tire.

That may be as so, i use to do Muni on a Pashley 20x1.75 with cotter pin cranks which is older than i am, but you know what? It’s one hell of a lot easier and more fun on a big bouncy tyre! True tho, i suppose you can ride trails on a hookworm if you let it down a little bit, but i think it’s def worth getting the biggest tyre that will fit in your frame and on your rim, and going for it.


Hi Cathy,

I have exactly the same Uni / tyre combination. The Hookworm is a suprisingly grippy tyre for dry or slightly damp conditions. Letting a little air out certainly helps.

I’m considering fitting something more aggressive such as the tyres mentioned above - theres is plenty of clearance for big tyres, the rim is the limiting factor is appears. I think I’ll be going for a 2.5" wide tyre.

I haven’t fitted metal studded pedals until I get some form of shin guard - I saw too many nasty scars at BUC to ride without. Having said that its been ages since I hurt myself with pedals generally anyway… well, er, apart from practising bunny hops in my hall, wearing slippers - bit of a Homer Simpson moment there.

HI Steve,
I’ve got the metal pedals already - I tend to wack my ankles not the shins (yes, I cringed at those scars at BUC).
I went for a ride round the pavements around here last night and I reckon I need a muni tyre just for them. They are terrible.
I’ve got 152mm cranks, rather than the 110 that came with the uni. I find it a much nicer ride - less knackering.
Going to give the tyre some thought. Maybe email roger and see what can be done.
Nice to hear from you (form the land of non-uni)