Nimbus II 29" Muni frame

I am selling my recently purchased 29" Nimbus II frame which I used on a 26" muni wheel for less than 10 rides. It is still in perfect condition with no cosmetic or structural damage. Also, the frame is the most recent Nimbus II version save for the 2009 one with brake mounts.

I would prefer a trade for your 29" KH frame and I will make up the difference of values.

Asking 35 bucks and you pay the shipping and would prefer to ship within Canada for the buyer’s benefit. Located in Toronto


im not good enough for something like that considering i just started but i should be good enough by the end of the summer at the latest, end of june the earliest. You wouldnt want the uni io gots its a peice of junk, so if i were to just buy it how much would you want for it?

by the way

by the way if i were to buy it you wouldnt have to ship since i like in durham region

Does this frame take a 25mm seatpost??

Hey, I’m sure you are good enough for this frame, but you might be confused. I am only selling the frame alone as I still wish to use my muni. I am simply offering a 35 dollar sale of the frame or a trade for a 29" KH frame and I would make up the difference.

Yep, 25.4mm.


Only 35 bucks? thats a good deal! im going to think about that definatly cuz thats really cheap and i coulld just get darren bedford to make me a wheel set for it and get myself a new saddle! one question would you pay shipping? or would i have to?

You would have to pay for shipping. I don’t think it is THAT great a deal. It is 45 bucks new.

If you live close to Darren you might not have to since I am very close to his shop in Toronto.


actually i dont live close to darren bedford i live in Durham region Ontario not in toronto. Without to to much traffic i can be in toronto in about 1 and a bit hours


oh i confused it with a different frame, my bad, th frame i was thinking of was around 120 bucks new :slight_smile: