Nimbus II 26"

Im saving up for a Nimbus II 26" i was wondering if anybody has got one and if so what are they like to ride. I will be mainly using it for traveling shrot distances up to 4 miles, and Muni.



i got the Nimbus MUni 26 from last year and bent the cranks off a 6 foot drop, it was still rideable but they kept bending bit by bit on easy rides untill it snowed. i got a KH24 Freeride and it totally kills the nimbus, but its kinda expensive, so if your not going to go insane, the nimbus worked fine for me. good luck!

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right on… it definatly is pretty… carefull with the seatpost clamp, i stipped it out using the wrong kind of allen keys or somthing, so i had to get a quick release. it rips man, good luck

Saw this thread a bit late, but if you’re still looking…

I’ve had a Nimbus 26" since last summer and I think it’s an excellent ride for what I do. I use it mostly for cross-country trail riding (all sorts of surfaces, mud, grass, rocks, gravel…), with a bit of tarmac riding if I ride it to work (can’t quite go all the way offroad). I’ve never ridden further than 15 miles on it (most common ride is about 9 miles to work), but I find it very comfortable for that distance.

The plating on the frame seems pretty good, with no sign of rust after a very wet muddy winter.

The only thing I’ve changed is the pedals, for a slightly spikier pair (the supplied ones had quite small molded studs and I prefer them a bit grippier).


thanks for that rob, iv been saving for one since i posted that thread, i always seem to get to ablo £140 then i have to go spend it on something else. ill have enough for it one day.

whats it like for speed? whats your average time for a mile on level ground?



Sorry for the delay again… I don’t read the reviews forum much:o

I can manage a comfortable 8mph on smooth tracks, and about 11mph sprint. Above 8mph I have to concentrate more, and at top speed there isn’t much in reserve to recover from a mistake, gust of wind, stone etc - often leading to UPDs. I don’t claim to be a particularly skilful rider though, and I haven’t tried any other crank lengths - I struggle to get up some of the hills round here with the supplied cranks (165mm I think), so I don’t want to go any shorter yet.

On the trip to work I average something like 6mph, but there are some steep hills and rocky bits that slow me down.

If you’re ever down this way you’re welcome to try mine, but it’s a bit of a trip from Leeds. The nearest I get regularly is Bristol.


cheers rob, i know waht you mean about neverlooking at the URP. Im only a matter of £30 or so untill i can buy one so ill have to do some odd jobs. i suppose ill stick to the supplied cranks from what you’ve said, ill be taking it onto ‘the chevin’ a biggish hill with all sorts of muni, theres even fallen logs stacked up for some trials.
thanks for youre advice, ill write a proper review of it when i get it at last…


Is it possible to mount brakes on this frame?

It seems it’s been upgraded to ISIS, still not splined.

only if you braze the mounts for it my friend. Also, it is splined, because ISIS is a spline interface.

isis implies splined because isis is the format of the spline.

thanks for the infos! I should think about it… sooner or later I’ll have to mount a brake…

I’ve got it!

Ok, it’s mine! arrived in 5 days from Germany… it’s just great!

I’m not writing a full, comparative review, since I’ve not tried other munis, but I’ve to say I’m really happy about this unicycle.

a few photos of the arrival:

and of saturday’s first long ride (at least, long for me, 22Km around 2 lakes at 2000mt)

The huge tire provides a great traction, and rides over everything. No more being bumped off my seat every now and again. Very grippy pedals. No problems with the Nimbus gel seat. Easy and strong handle.

Thanks to Petra and Roland Wende for their speed in sending me this jewel =)