Nimbus II 24" Uni & Koxx Luxury Saddle

Firstly, I apologize if I am doing this wrong because I am kind of new here. I had an account 3-4 years ago, but I can’t even remember my login info. Nevertheless, I have a couple things to sell. :slight_smile:

I have a full, Nimbus II 24" unicycle that is blue in color. It also has 114mm Qu-Ax cranks. I believe everything else is standard with the unicycle. It is pretty much like-new, except for that it sat in a garage for about 3 years. The tire was kept full so that it never went flat, but it does need cleaned up a bit. I am selling it because I stopped riding and moved away from home, and I really don’t want to see it sit in a garage forever. I can easily send photos upon request to anyone who is interested! Message me any offers.

Also, it is kind of random, but I do have a Koxx Luxury Slim Saddle. I replaced the seat on an older unicycle because I didn’t really like this one. It just wasn’t comfortable for anything involving distance. It is a sharp looking saddle though! There are a few scuffs on the plastic bumpers, but nothing ridiculous or even that noticeable. I don’t know what to ask for, so please send me any offers as well.

Dealing locally would be really nice, but I can always look into shipping. I am locating in the Central Michigan area, Mount Pleasant to be precise. I can drive as long as it is somewhat reasonable.

Thank you and I appreciate you taking a look! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. :slight_smile:

Just an update: I am asking 170 for the Nimbus II and 40 for the seat, since it has hardly been used. Prices are certainly negotiable! Please do not hesitate to send me an offer or ask any questions. If I get a few bites, I will post pics this weekend (or sooner, if someone specifically requests them!) Thanks. :slight_smile:

PM sent :slight_smile:

Sorry it has taken me so long, folks. I wanted to add a picture of the Nimbus Uni. Please let me know if I need to take more detailed photographs of something specific. Please message me any offers you might have.

Thank you!