Nimbus II 24-inch Unicycle with ISIS hub

I was wondering if this uni would be good for doing not so tech street. Just jumping down 5 stairs at most maybe off of a picnic table once or twice. I am about 6 ft. and 175 lbs. so would it be able to withstand the weight doing the things I listed above? Here’s the link:

Thanks a lot,
Pigs (Gene)

i would suggest paying the xtra couple of buck to get this.

believe me, it will be worth it.

i’m 6’1, and i’m wondering if i’d prefer a 24" to my 20" trials b/c of the greater speed, and i’m usually more comfortable on a bigger wheel.

have you tried a regular trials uni?

Yes I have a trials and ride it a lot but I was thinking that I could do 24" street. I would want to have a slickish tire and a not so heavy uni.


aha, i see. i think i would personally prefer to still have a wider tire. also, i believe the biggest difference between the two unis’ would be a stronger, wider rim on the part of the muni. although, that nimbus x is a crazy deal today, lol. i’d buy it if i had the money right now. i want to build a big street uni, and i’m torn between 24" and 26". i’m thinking i’ll probably just shave a muni tire, unless i can find a decent large capacity cruiser tire.