Nimbus II 20" with KH Rim

For sale Nimbus II with Kris Holm Rim and Nimbus Hub.

Rim and Hub have close to zero use. Kenda Wall 2.1" tire has close to no miles. (I built this just as my knees were going bad). It has no drops on the rim higher than a low curb and not many of those.

Want a 20" freestyle but would like a tougher rim, but don’t need a full blown flat/trials uni? That’s what I wanted and now its for sale. Current cranks are QU-AX 125.

Rim is not machine laced it was hand built and has been trued and tensioned after some riding.

Seat is ‘play’ seat so you will probably want to upgrade it but I figured I’d ride it until it broke.

Asking $200 + actual shipping

Which is about what the parts of the wheel cost alone.

It’s like getting a free uni and the cost of the labor of the wheel build for the cost of the wheel parts.

Uni has been stored indoor only, really indoor not in a garage.

Shipping is from 95667 (Sacramento, CA)

I will ship within 24hrs

Contact Eric via PM or

I also have a Nimbus 29" for sale with a custom seat and I am highly motivated to sell both. Contact to discuss possible combo buy. I have some cranks/tools to sweeten the deal if you buy both.

Is that a KH ‘flatland’ 20" or a ‘trial’ 19" rim?

What hub does it have?

What tire does it have?

would you be willing to sell just the rim or wheelset?


It’s the 20" rim
A Nimbus hub
Kendall wall 2.1" tire

No I’m not willing to sell the wheel set/rim. Sorry.

Sweeten the deal since the other two unis are sold and I’m motivated to sell.

Now includes 3 lengths of cranks
metal BMX pedals
nice pedal wrench
Crank puller
And any other unicycle specific bits I can find like spoke wrench, etc.

Sweeten the deal a bit. Price now includes all in the picture below

Metal pedals (I’m guessing they are DX pedals)
114 cranks and 125 cranks
pedal wrench
crank wrench
crank puller
Bearing puller (not in picture)
tire removal stick
Spoke wrench for this wheel

This is the do all 20" free style unicycle with every unicycle tool you could possibly need and two sets of cranks and a custom wheel for $200 + Shipping


New Nimbus II 20" $250
Wheelset/build $250
Tools/extra parts $75

For a price shipped less than a Nimbus II freestyle.

I also have some adult sized safety gear which I will make killer deal on and two good packs for unicycling.

I especially recommend the Osprey Daylite 13L pack and Osprey Hydraulics LT 1.5L pack which I will include for $25 (about a $65 pack)

I also have a Camelbak Lobo (older modlel) with bladder which I will also include for $25 even though it is a more expensive pack (personally I like the Daylite pack much better, which is very light and makes a great general multi-use/commuter daypack on it’s own. But the Lobo is a tougher MTB specific pack if that is what you want.

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