Nimbus II 20 in for sale

I am selling my RED nimbus II 20 inch trials,with 137 moments,excellent cond with some scrapes on pedals,and small scuff on the KH street fusion saddle(also red)I only rode easy on this as I learned,now Ive upgraded to 24 in,so I no longer use this 20 in.I have a crappy pic from my cell phone,but on the trials section of UDC its there the red one.entertaining offers please serious inquires only need apply.thankyou


wow not 1 reply,

How much are you expecting for it?

Don’t worry, it takes longer than a day to sell, especially with the economy where it is. I’d post the picture if I were you, even if its a bad shot it gets people interested.


I dont know,i know i wont get what i payed so i was hoping to get some offers and go from there,i dont need the money,but i just dont ride it since I got my 24in and when the kh26 comes out,im buying one of those.I am workin on some pics though

yea i am looking fr atrials uni so that would be great if u could post a pic.


send me your email and I can send out a pic,like I said look on UDC and see it on the trials section its the red one,just with 137 moments,the rest stock

Hey I don’t think you can change it now but you might want to put the work trials in the title. When people see 20 they generally think freestyle.

And if you are going to e-mail people pictures you might as well post them on here as well. It really is not much effort and you won’t have to send out as many e-mails with pictures :slight_smile:

Good luck with the sale.

i cant send pic

I tried to post pic,but it wont let me???maybe its my format???

And your location would help too.
No one is interested in something that they:

  1. dont know the cost of
  2. Cant see
  3. dont know where you are

Best of luck

ok well if you can post a pic i would like to see the unicycle

hey are you still looking to sell this because i am looking for a new trials uni and would like to know how much u want for it

I’m interested if you haven’t sold it yet. How much are you wanting?


srry dude but i already got dibs haha im PMing with him to see when he want to sell it but if i dont get it ur next in line

sounds good


hey i pmed u a few times back and i should be able to buy the uni friday afternoon after i get out of school but i need you to send me ur information so i can pay using paypal… you can also email me… i have emailed u a few times

how about £150 - £170

I’m interested… Where are you located?

bought it!