Nimbus II 20" Freestyle Question

Hey i want to do freestyle and trials would i be able to do trials with the nimbus like 1m drops? What would be the best uni to get for trials and freestyle?

Any freestyle uni will break after a period of time if you repeatedly do drops of that height on it. If you want to do trials you need a trials unicycle, and make do with it for riding freestyle, or get a seperate freestyle uni. Any trials uni except the nimbus trials on UDC Au will withstand heavy use.

yeh i was thinking of getting the qu ax 20" trials.

…or the Qu-Ax Cross.

And this Nimbus is super strong, but expensive.

Basically you want something w/ a splined hub.

I wouldnt do many drop on your freestlye uni. You WILL bend the cranks or hub.

The Torker DX, Qu-Ax, Koxx, KH and the Nimbus street uni will all be great unis.

If I was you, Id go for the Nimbus Street uni. For $390, you get such a great uni.

4 of the unis I mentioned are on this page. Check them out.

I presumed that the ones on the UDC Au site were the only ones available to him.

yeh i think ill just get the qu ax 20" trials. Coz u can do street with it but trials too.

It sounds like you might want to consider a Nimbus street. It is a strong unicycle suitable for both trials and freestyle use. (Although many freestyle tricks work better with a narrow tyre run at high pressure).

Unfortunately for down under customers, both NZ and Australia are out of stock until the next shipment arrives. If you want to consider a Nimbus Street, give the guys at UDC Australia an email and see if they can let you know an ETA on them being back in stock. I estimate it will be probably about 6 weeks minimum.

yeh but that frame is to weak from trials coz ill probably give up street later on and do more heavy trials so i think ill just get the qu ax. Even though its 200 more it will last me longer and i wont need to upgrade for years if i get it.

You wouldnt need to upgradre the Nimbus street either.

but the nimbus street would be too weak to withstand trials.

Why do you think the Nimbus street is weaker than the Qu-ax trials? Have you tried the Nimbus Street?
The Nimbus has a reinforced chromoly frame and ISIS hub.


well for one thing its a street uni and another i cant get it on UDC aus. They only have the nimbus 2 and X.
Plus ill do hell heavy trials later on and the nimbus 2 and X wont withstand it.

also the street is more than the qu ax.
srry for double post.

My experience leads me to disagree. The Nimbus street is a very strong unicycle. The hub is pretty much as strong as a KH hub, the frame doesn’t look like much from the outside but it is reinforced cromoly and is probably the strongest freestyle frame out there. I’ll also point out that the only time I have broken frames has been riding freestyle - it puts a lot of stress on your frame, probably more than trials even. I have yet to break a frame riding trials.

The cranks are isis splined, so are pretty strong ,and if your qu-ax cranks ever give out you can always upgrade to KH, as they are compatible. The wheelset is very strong too.

The only weak point is going to be the seat post. You may need to beef that up at some point if you are hard on your unicycle. A primo rod seat post would do the trick if you broke your post. Note most really hard core trials riders tend to replace their KH seat post also, as that is the weak point of a KH if you go really big.

I think ill just get the Qu ax.

The DX unicycle is great for Huge jumps, and trials, I even do street on it. I’d go with it even if it wasnt the best quality for its price, even if it was more money I’d go for it.:smiley:

I cant get the DX on unicyle au.
They dont sell em.