Nimbus Hoppley

hello i have an amzing condition nimbus hoppley, cost 500 bucks to get to my door…

i would like to sell it for around 475 and you pay shipping because i need money for other stuff right now

I had this unicycle for about 3 weeks now its in amazing condtion

sory i cant get pictures but you can add me on msn if your interested

sorry man, but i doubt anyone is gonna buy a used uni for more then what you paid for it. cause by the time the person pays for shipping it will have cost them as much, if not more, then what you paid for it. you just gotta learn to take the lose.

People can get a 2007KH Trials for $499 and you want $475 for a HOPPLEY!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

You should have just bought mine dude.

wow thanks for the contribution :angry:

and hoppleys have gone down in price u might have got it
when it first came out.


no it cost 400 with shipping then i had to pay an extra 100 bucks because my unicycle went threw customs so yea cost 500

So you are having the buyer eat YOUR expense of having the unicycle go through customs, I’m sorry but that is horrible business. Just because it cost you 500 bucks doesn’t mean it’s worth it!


ok but whats the most you think i could sell it for? and who is interested in it anyway…

I would say something under $300. Cause $308 gets you a brand new Nimbus ISIS Trials with KH crank arms, which is an arguably better unicycle.


is anyone interested in the hoppleey

is it the KH/ozna hub with 125mm cranks?
iff so i might be intrested in the hub and cranks
iff your willing to part it out?


No Sorry Not Parting Out And Its Those Cranks But 140mm



i dont know how to get them on here but my pinkbike is costella69 so you can add me and i have pics there

Nimbus Hoppley Picture

this is a picture on my unicycle

you weren’t kidding when you said good condition.


i know



yes 300 bucks and no lower


Anyone 300 Bucks!!!

Looks like a really nice uni, If i had a few hundred spare I might buy it for spare parts but yea sorry. good lucK :slight_smile: