Nimbus Hoppley

I just go my Nimbus Hoppley with QU-AX cranks and I’m new to Trials Uni. Are the cranks saposed to go out to the side a littel bit?

Yes the QuAx cranks have some Q factor.


Some cranks are straight, well others are angled more. This angle gives you more control over your uni.

EDIT: Q-factor = Distance between each pedal. Great the q-factor, the further apart your feet will be from the wheel.


Nimbus Hoppley

The nimbus hoppley looks quithe simmilar to the KH20 (aside from the light frame of course) It even has a KH saddle.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

IMO it looks soo similar because it’s painted the same shade of blue.

It does have some KH parts though. Hub, rim (rebranded as Nimbus), and seat, all 2004 model year. The cranks have a bit more Q - factor than Moments, improving control at slow to med. speeds (good for skinnies), but more wheel wobble (bad for fast crank flips and high speed gliding).

Some like the shape of the crown of the Nimbus II frame better for foot on frame tricks, and some like the slightly lower tire clearance of the KH for tricks like ww and gliding.