Nimbus Hoppley

Hi guys!

Im new to unicycling and this forum, so this is my first post. Im lookin for a first unicycle, it the Nimbus Hoppley any good? Have you had any experiences with them?


I don’t have one but i have heard they are great.

They are great, strong, comfy, sturdy, medium weight, cool, great, weel designed unicycles. They rule.

yep they are very strong and very in demand, They are/were out of stock for a long time cause people loved 'em so much

I was lucky enough to try one becuase my lbs ordered one

Do you ride a hoppley Mornish?

After those replies I have definitely found my uni, despite the wait!

Thanks guys!

where are u getting one from? they arent listed on the US udc or in stock on the UK one.

no. My neighbor has one and I periodically ride it.

I have an 06 KH

wow u have a uni’ing neighbor damn i’d love that

unfortunantly he’s nine and kindof annoying.

Im ordering it off the net as soon as it come in stock. Call me sad, but i check on it everyday!

I have one. It is a “…great, strong, comfy, sturdy, medium weight, cool, great, well designed unicycle. It rules.”

I don’t know what country you are.

UK is gonna start making some in the new year, when they have the time to put them together.
But USA aren’t making any more hoppleys as they don’t have the hubs.

your best choice is probably the 20"DX or the 20" qu-ax if you are in the US and want a splined wheelset.

I guess the Nimbus 20-inch Trials Unicycle or withthe 48 spokes but without thee splined wheelset it’ll break so easily.

I recon the DX. And if your in the UK, then wait or get the qu-ax :smiley:

Im in the UK so I will probably order one as soon as they start making them.

ah right cool. maybe putting your country in your details would save confusion lol

Cheers guys! I have placed an order and they will send it as soon as it comes in stock :smiley: