nimbus hoppley

does anybody know how much the nimbus hoppley costs? also if you have any good or bad reviews about it please post them.

$350 USD.

its a great, incredibly sturdy, strong unicycle, thats fairly lightweight for the cost. It has a great seatpost, frame, hub/ crankset, seat, ect. it also has a pretty blue powdercoat. My friend has one, and its awesome! Great uni for the price, end of story.

i got one and have no bad questions about it…

iam completly happy with my hoppley!
and everything that mornish said is true

I believe in mornish…

it’s finally back on udc.

Get one NOW theyre great! I just orderd one on Saturday and I got ONE OF THE LAST ONES for a while anyway. If you want one well then by golly YOU BETTER GET IT NOW.

good golly goodness! they’re running out! too bad I don’t have money or a job or permission to buy anything… I can’t wait til I move out.


hoppley is soo worht the price, i just got one last week, i weigh 275, and did like 3 foot droops, cranks and so solid. i would pick hoppley over kh