Nimbus Hoppley ?

I am thinking about buying a Nimbus Hoppley and just wondering if it is worth buying. Does anyone who has or knows about this unicycle have any reviews on it? like is it a good first trials bike? is it strong? and easy to ride? please could you give me your reviews on this unicycle would be apreciated,
Thanks, Jaymz

I bought one a few weeks back. it’s great. 19" KH freeride rim, maxxis creepy crawler tire, nimbus gel seat, blue powdercoated Nimbus II frame, qu-ax cranks, DX pedals. it’s a beast - very strong.

it’s no harder/easier to ride than any other unicycle.

it would be a good trials unicycle but not a good trials bike. i’m sorry I just had to say that

from what I know of all the parts it is very good, but it all comes down to what parts you prefer. for the pedals the DX Pedals tend to be really grippy. the maxxis cc is not as good as the Luna in my opinion.

dont let a preferance for one tire over another be the leading factor in choosing your unicycle. tires are like $10 and can easily be replaced. I really like Maxxis CC, it’s very grippy on all surfaces, yet it doesn’t fold when you hop sideways.

um, tires for trials unis are like $40:)

I really prefer the CC to the luna. it is much much grippier and I can hop beter on it. It wears down kindof fast though.

Also does anyone know what height drops this can handle without shitting up?

yeah, higher than you’ll drop.

multiple 12’ drops probably wouldnt do anything to it.

here is picado speaking

i got one nimbus hopley… and i am so happy with my purchase.
the uni looks so great! the parts are really strong and the maxxis cc is a good tire…

i already did some drops and a lot of street and the uni still looking like new.

Thanks for the reviews so far ! :slight_smile: , i suppose the hoppley could be used as a freestyle uni aswell? what do you guys think

yea, to a point. the hoppley is awesome. steel seatpost, very strong frame, also very strong rim, hub, and cranks. comfy, strong saddle, grippy pedals. and it’s cheap!

will riding and jumping a trials on concrete mess it up or not ?
thanks again

not more than any other uni. if you get these, than even less than a normal uni.

so it wont damage the frame or rim landing onto concrete?

jeez, i thought we had already concluded that nothing will ruin with uni
dropping on to concrete, pfft. the hoppley laughs at concrete.

an A or H bomb might, but even that has yet to be answered…

ok thanks its just my first decent unicycle getting paranoyed

any pics of this uni???

i bought it awhile ago, and i can’t find it on UDC anymore?
can you say “recall” possibly?

post pics, i wanna see what it looks like…

UDC says:

Everyones got great things to say about it!!! It seems it can stand up to some rough treatment.

I hope they bring it to Australia soon…if they do i’m pretty certain i’ll get it.