Nimbus Hoppley VS. KH 07 trials

Is the KH worth the extra $100 over the Nimbus Hoppley? :thinking:

Well it depends. The KH is MUCH lighter, as well as having new designs (cranks, seat, rim, frame) but as for strength, I don’t think it will matter that much unless you plan on doing huge drops.

The 07 KH rim is a lot wider, however the freeride rim on the hoppley is pretty wide in the first place.

The KH 07 is one of the best around. If they were the same price, the KH would be better. But they aren’t, so it depends. If you feel like spending the extra $100, get the KH, if not, get the Nimbus.

Get the KH.
On the hoppley the top end of the forks tubes near the crown part get wider and it’s annoying. I got it awhile ago and returned it for KH. The KH looks way more slick too, then again its personal preference. 100$ is nothing unless your on a really tight budget. Just dont get junk food for a month :wink:

I’ve been playing around on my friends hoppley a bit, and opposed to my KH 06 I find my uni much more preferable. the KH 07 is even better. when I rode it, the saddle was instantly better, the narrower cranks are really cool to. The hoppley is by no means a bad uni, but I like the KH more:)

The Hoppley is great to be honest, it’s got an incredibly strong wheel. It has the older undrilled KH rim on it which is probably the strongest 19" rim anywhere. The Nimbus frame is incredibly strong too, moreso than the much lighter KH frame. However, both are great choices, the only bad thing is that…

the 07 rim is… a Try-all/Hog. (hole joints splittage-ahoy) :roll_eyes:

if the 07 KH uni had the older undrilled rim, then that would be extremely good.

The Nimbus II frame is, as stated before, an incredibly strong frame. The crown of the NII frame is wider than that of the KH, but this makes it a better all-around unicycle (freestyle, trials, street), IMO. I’ve never ridden a KH, but I hear that the new '07 model has a knurled crown that should make foot-on-frame tricks easier. Either way, it’s not such a huge difference that you can’t get used to one or the other. If you feel that $100 is worth saving ~1.3lbs (~.5kg), then go for it. I didn’t feel that way - weight makes you stronger.

They both have close to, if not the best wheelsets that you can buy, but the Hoppley’s comes at a lower price.

I recommend the Hoppley.

You could go custom, like I did.
I have a 2007 KH20" except:
-2005/2006 KH rim
-CrMo seatpost
-Luna trialtire
-Specialized Magnesium pedals
I can’t upload a pic in the gallery otherwise I posted it to.


I like his except keep the 07 seat post and get Jim Cs.
But the 07 kh vs. the hoppley no comp.
KH wins. find the $100 somewhere.

You are forgetting about the Arrow Rims, while they are a bit chunkier than the KH and not as wide I still believe them to be stronger. I’m not so sure that the drilled out rims are going to be any problem at all either. They will be weaker than a solid rim yes, but the new kh is so wide that its probably a good thing to cut some weight.

As far as frames go I’m also not sure if the nimbus frame is indeed going to be stronger than the KH, but not many people break frames at all so really you should look at the seat tube size as well as the bearing holders. In both the KH is going to have a better design.


Hopply Is The Strongest Uni Ive Ever Had!

Wide = over rated. The KH07 rims are useless…

If you ride a lot it won’t take long for the drilled out holes to start cracking. Although they look soooo nice :frowning:

I’ve got a question about the hoppley.

I’ve read some about tubular cranks being good for street, but why?
Do the onza cranks make this a good street uni?