Nimbus Hoppley Unicycle

i will ship only in ontario

i dont have time to unicycle

will sell for $225 OBO

add me on msn if you want more info

Are you willing to part out?

I’m not able to purchase, I just want to say to everybody, this is a very fine uni and you will thuroughly injoy having it.



not parting out

That is one awesome uni

If nobody buys and you decide to part out and ship farther, I’d maybe buy the crank and hub set…

X2 I would like the seat! and maybe the frame ,post and clamp

looks like you need a buyer for that wheelset.

that uni does look very nice i have to say. but i’m in the uk :wink: and don’t need a trials uni

Depending on the price (and how far you will ship) I may want the whole wheelset, cranks, pedal, rim, hub, spokes.

This is if no one buys this, great deal btw.

Ya, I’d probably buy the wheelset.

Are you going to update us at all…?


i dont want to part out and i only want to ship in ontario


pleas ship to VA 22207 i will pay for shipping

There isn’t any extra hassle shipping elsewhere in Canada, and it would definitely make it a lot easier to sell.

It’s really nice, im really thinking of getting and it i do live in ontario. is it sold yet???

Im not shure micheal but im pretty shure it is sold sorry :frowning:


Sold guys sorrryy!