Nimbus Hoppley Seat post diamater

Anyone know what it is?

Sorry, but youve asked this three different times on two different forums. Just wait awhile for an answer. Ha, sorry i dont know.

I know I have and everyone just keeps ignoring me except you;) .

So I just got fed up and started a thread:D

I’m going to guess, because… I’m the best BC Wheeler in Hamilton.

EDIT: I forgot to guess Haha. 22.2mm.

If the nimbus Hoppley comes with the Nimbus II frame, which I beleive it does. The seat post will be a 25.4.

yes it’s 25.4mm

not always 25.4, it depends on the frame. It can either be 25.4 or 22.0. You need to ask the supplier.


Thanks I also think it’s 25.4 but just cheking.