Nimbus Hoppley Seat Post Diamater

Yo Just a quick question does anyone know the seatpost diamater of the Nimbus Hoppley? I’m pretty sure it’s 25.4mm but i’m not entierly sure.


are you sure?

I was under the impression that the Yuni frame was 22.2 and the nimbus 2 frame is 25.4…

i’m pretty sure nimbus II frame is 25.4,

Miles is right.

Just the other day when udc had that nimbus hoppley on there i definitely remember it saying 22.2mm diameter, because that was one of the things that was driving me away from the hoppley. Maybe they put the wrong diameter on there, but i remember thinking “damn 22.2 that’s too thin for trials”.

In that pic it also looks like its 22.2 mm but it might not be.

But I definitely remember the other day when udc had the hoppley it said it had a 22.2 mm seatpost diameter. but like I said, maybe they put the wrong diameter on there or something…

I’ll measure it when it gets here on thursday.

The Hoppley IS 25.4mm