Nimbus Hoppely back in stock by popular demand

or it was a harmless misunderstanding. notice how emile didn’t post till after you asked that question. he probably just read the thread and when he looked at the product page, it was updated. and how was he supposed to know that you didn’t see it?

usually after post 500 or so, new users start chilling out a little. I blame recent trends on the overuse of MR.

As of today the description on that page seems to be “Granny Smith Green”, which seems to pretty well match the photo (as would lime green). Remember, the real-life color may differ from what you see on your monitor. That applies to any photograph.

From what i understand, the original hoppley (and hockly and muddly) were designed to package the old 03/03 KH hubs to get rid of them. Seems they’re now doing the same with the KH/Onza hub, which is fair enough as I doubt anyone is buying them as spares. Would be interesting to see if they are the thinner or thicker KH/Onza cranks, as the longevity varies greatly between the two.

I think it looks like a pretty good deal. Looks very similar to my KH 05 trials I bought years ago, but much cheaper.

Because of the color? The Nimbus II frame is available in other colors for $42, so if it’s not because of the hoppin’ green color, you could pick one up.

hes already got the yellow one so it must be for the colour and stickers:)