Nimbus Hoppely back in stock by popular demand

They says it’s lime green when it’s dark green and it has the older KH/ONZA hub with Qu-Ax cranks.

You guys think it’s better than the Nimbus ISIS Trials with KH Moments?

Didn’t it have different components the last time it was around or am I just confused?

beware this hub/crank set- it is going to bend after lots of even moderate riding- and there are no alternative cranks for it once you bend your first ones. I’d go KH ISIS or nimbus ISIS hub over it anyday.

They are not qu-ax cranks, those don’t even fit a kh/onza hub. Get an ISIS hub.

It looks to me they haven’t changed the specks from the original Hopley.

Frame: powdercoated blue
Rim: Alex 32

…but it’s obviously green (I wouldn’t call that electric) and it looks like it has the 42 mm Nimbus rim.

I remember thinking it odd that Qu-Ax cranks fit on the KH/Onza hub, but I read that they do and ARE strong. It’s the stock Nimbus ISIS cranks that will bend.

I also read that those cranks would fit on my DX, so now I have 170’s on my 24. More than the length I like the increased Q-factor. But the cranks have been loosening pretty regularly even at 65 lbs w/ red lock tight. I’ve been told that this may be from greese getting on the threads (the hub bearings are leaking). I cleaned the threads w/ alcohol and put it back on w/ blue lock tight @ 60 lbs w/ the left crank the last time it came loose. No problems yet:o

Like Spencer said, the qu-ax cranks do NOT fit on the KH/Onza hub, they fit on the KH hub prior to that. The KH/Onza is 36 spline.

KH/onza hub is 36 spline, qu-ax is 10.

Edit: Brian won.

Any kind of unicycle that can withstand a 200lb, 6’5" person jumping on it from 5ft up, for less than $400, is a great deal.

That green is pretty damn cool looking too…better than the blue, in my opinion :sunglasses:

I have a Hoppley from before and it’s great. I don’t know how much stronger of a hub/crank interface you could want, judging by the way this thing holds up. I’ve done a couple of 5ft+ drops on mine and it hasn’t made any breaking/creaking noises.

The only thing about the Hoppley that I would change if I could is the frame weight. The Nimbus II frame is strong and nicely shaped, but a bit heavy compared to the KH frame.

It’s nice to see that they’ve finally reintroduced the Hoppley though. I hope more people get it.

Just to clarify some things that were made confusing by the previous posts…

Qu-Ax made cranks specifically for the 04 KH hub. That hub/crank interface was 8 spline.

When Qu-Ax made their own hub and cranks, they switched to a 10 spline hub/crank interface. These cranks will not fit on the 04 KH hub, or any hub other than Qu-Ax non ISIS or Torker.

EDIT: IMHO the Nimbus ISIS trials upgraded with KH cranks is a far better deal than this out of date unicycle. You can’t even be sure of what you’re getting, because the description and picture do not match. Picture shows KH/Onza hub/cranks but description says KH/Onza hub with Qu-Ax cranks, and no Qu-Ax cranks that I know of will fit the KH/Onza hub.

Just to clarify, the official word is that the description just hasn’t been updated yet. Its got KH/Onza cranks and the Nimbus trials rim.

Its being fixed as I type this.

hmmmmmm i want to buy JUST the frame…is there any way that can be worked out??

Ask them, not us.

i know but some of you guys are like tight ith them…call in favors…j/k

Gah, anything with crank nubs will NOT be my next uni.

If it had the street frame I would consider it a good street/flatland uni, now its just pointless.

Even without the street frame I think it would be a decent flat uni - you don’t need the longneck and the 25.4mm seatposts that the nimbus II frames take are superior

The reason this would be good for flat is because the cranks are a very similar shape to the Koxx street cranks with plenty of room to stand on.

To be fair, I don’t think think that was there when he asked.

I didn’t wanna but it, I already have an 07 KH, this uni just looked interesting.

Wish you could buy the frame seperatly though…

Thank you Brian…and it wasnt there douch Emile…

Ahah, wow, I don’t think Emile was being a “douch” he was just pointing it out because to him it was a very obvious answer.

well it wasnt there when i looked so he was trying to be a smart ass.