Nimbus Gel

Will the Nimbus Gel Saddle fit onto a Torker DX seatpost?


I am quite sure that the only problem you can have is the Miyata saddles and posts don’t work with other posts and saddles. I am quite sure that other makes of saddles work with other posts.

YES, torker DX seatpost is a standard 4 bolt pattern seatpost. The same as the KH and most unicycles on the market (other than Miyata saddles)

and lx saddles

If the Nimbus gel seat can fit in a standard Kh seat post then it cant fit into the lx and the dx (if the dx has the same 4 bolt pattern as the lx).

I tried putting an kh seat on my lx and it was a 4 bolt pattern but was grouped together smaller and it didn’t fit.

I don’t think it works on the LX. on the DX it should though. The nimbus gel seat is great though! The only bad thing is that it has red letters saying nimbus on the back:(

The LX has the miata bolt pattern, but the DX has the normal bolt pattern that will fit the gel seat.

UDC UK have blue or red gel seats without the Nimbus lettering. Also there’s a Koxx saddle that’s based on the Nimbus gel, I believe.

I think the koxx one came first, but the koxx are more expensive.

Koxx were the first company to get a Gel saddle saddle on the Market. They did not design or develop it though. The design of the Gel saddle was done by myself and Mike from Onza. If you go to UNICON you can see one of the first prototypes on Paul Taskers unicycle - it is the lovely yellow and green one!

One other thing… Kris has never produced a Gel saddle for his range of saddles, the only Gel saddles on the market are either Koxx or UDC/Nimbus. To help identify the Gel saddles the latest generation of Nimbus Gel saddles have the word GEL printed on the front edge.


Should it have saddle printed on it aswell? :wink: Just in case.


I bought the UDC gel saddle last night off t’interweb.
I was going to for for the Nimbus, until I saw the name on the back.
That kind of put me off.

(If my girlfriend is reading this, it was only £15 honey. Honest.)

KH had gel saddles for like 2 weeks on UDC and then took them off, what was up with that?


NO! I did too. I like the black one on my coker/UDC36" (which, incidentally doesn’t say Nimbus on the back) that I ordered a black and blue one for my 20". It came today. Great service I call that!


maybe they want to sell the nimbus first … and them sell the kh