nimbus gel seats

does any body know anything about the nimbus gel seats, it is either that or fifteen bucks more for the kris holm fusion saddle?

The nimbus is a great seat, but the KH Fusion (the thin saddle) is beter because of the Fusion cover.
I got the nimbus seat but I’m just going to buy the fusion cover now to fix my saddle.


how does sif grip compare to the fusion?

on my 24 inch muni i have a fusion but i have never ridin with a nimbus saddle so i was just wondering what kind of quality it is, but from what i have heard it is a really nice saddle

It’s very good, nice for SIF hopping.


i dont really do that much in the SIF department i usually just keep the seat under me when i hop is it good there too?

Yeah sure.


I recently wrote a review on Nimbus gel seats, it was in dutch and I can’t be arsed to look it up, but it comes down to this:

The Nimbus saddle is a very good saddle, better than the old ‘KH’ gel seats, where the handles would be put on rather ‘un-straight’. The plastic seatbase is the same seatbase as the Kris Holm fusion saddle has, both seats have a low profile, meaning they’re thinner which is better for seat-out hopping. The saddle is just as good as other saddles for seat-in hopping, maybe better as you can basically put your saddle even lower.

Positive about fusion: If you wreck the seat cover, you can put on a new fusion seatcover.
Positive about Nimbus gel: If you wreck the seat cover, you can also put a new fusion seatcover on it, you can put it on all KH design saddles. Most importantly: This saddle has gel so is more comfortable.

Personally I’d go for the Nimbus gel saddle.

My son loves his. regularly mentions how comfortable it is for him.

they’re awesome!

i didnt know you could put a fusion cover on the nimbus gel seat…

thanks for the info!

Are the ‘UDC gel’ and the ‘Nimbus gel’ seats the same?

thanks guys that really helps!
i am gonna go with the nimbus gel

About how thick is the gel on the nimbus gel saddle?

about 2 inches, probably less.

The same except for a few minor cosmetic differences. The Nimbus gel saddle will have the nimbus logo embroidered on the back (in red or blue) and the word “gel” in small white text on the front just above the handle. It may be possible to still find the odd “UDC gel saddle” without the Nimbus branding.

Thank you Peter.