Nimbus Gel seat for Torker CX

Hi! I looked through the search thing and didn’t find any helpful info on this.

I am currently riding a Torker CX (first uni). Its in somewhat-decent shape, though it might not hold up beyond this year or next if I get serious about riding. Currently I am riding just to learn basic things like idling, and sometimes for traveling 1-2 miles. I anticipate learning some freestyle and semi-distance (say 2-3 miles). (Someday I hope to get a better uni for such things).

Even though I am a girl, the CX seat HURTS (I actually don’t ride very far anymore because of that). I really want to upgrade my saddle.

I’ve currently got $50 of spending money. I’m looking into the Nimbus Gel seat. It looks comfortable. I’ve heard that air seats are good but they look out of my price range and I’ve been saving awhile just to get enough for the Gel.

I’m a newbie when it comes to technical aspects-- will the Nimbus Gel saddle work on my CX seatpost? I want to make sure before I buy!!!

The Nimbus saddles use the same four bolt mount as the CX, so yes it will fit. The Torker LX/AX seat is the one that needs a special seatpost.

And I’ll add that I have one on one of my CX’s. Do it, you won’t regret it. Do remember to double check the bolts tightness after you’ve ridden it a bit. They might loosen up on you.

I’ve upgraded almost all my uni’s to either Nimbus gell or KH fusion freeride. Once you get used to that caliber of saddle, nothing less will do.

To anyone else wondering about this:

DO IT. Get a Nimbus Gel. Oooooh, its heaven. :slight_smile: It works like a charm on the Torker, too.

I don’t really like the nimbus gel… I find it verryy uncomfortable…

I do ride trials though and that probably makes a difference, Theyre not great for grabbing the side for SIF hops.

But that doesn’t matter because you dont do that. It should be fine :smiley: