nimbus gel saddle

:sunglasses: Does anyone know how good or bad the nimbus gel saddle is? I need a new saddle and I’m wondering if it a; is comfortable; and b; if it will fit a DX seat post. :thinking:

I don’t like it. Its hard. Like a brick. I like my Torker LX home built airseat better.

I’ve got one (well, in the UK it’s called the UDC gel seat, but I think it’s the same thing) and am really rather pleased with it. It’s much softer than the Velo seat I used to ride (although it is in fact also made by Velo).

I found it worth the money as an upgrade. It’s unlikely to be as comfy as an airseat though - from what I understand they are the best for comfort (but not necessarily for use in technical riding)

Of course, everybody has a different behind, so different people can have quite different impressions of the same seat!

i just bought one… but it didnt arrived yet

i tell you guys later

hmm…i would think those would be very, hard, but still comfortable.

Very comfortable for a stock seat. Good for seat out.

I like that it’s not as deep as the KH seet to I can wear ordinary shorts without the seat rubbing my leg. I’ve only had it a week so I don’t know how it holds up on distance.