Nimbus Gel on Coker a winner for me

Of all types of Unicycle riding, I think that a comfortable seat is most important on the Coker. Typical 36er riding means extended time in the saddle. I know this is important to everyone, but I’ve had some tailbone trouble ever since my giraffe kicked me in my ^ss.

The first time I tried a Coker, the machine had a Viscount saddle and standard post. I was numb in no time. I’ve been riding the past couple of years with an airseat and standard post. Better, but numbness and tailbone pain eventually show up.

Yesterday I took a 15 mile neighorhoog/city ride with new Nimbus Gel with rail adaptor. Not perfect scientific method because I changed 2 elements. I can now angle the seat up in front and theres no air to distribute pressure onto and encompassing the twins and tailbone.

However, I am reporting that I didn’t experience near the discomfort as previous rides. I took 3 short standing/walking breaks crossing scary intersections.

I probably won’t change things for a while because I’m happy with this setup. But if I have a mind to, I should try the air seat with the rail adaptor angling the seat up in front. I do think that its the angle that’s a large part of the solution.

i might get a nimbus gel saddle for my coker. do you know where i can get a cheap one?

I al so need new pedals for my coker because one cracked in half


adjustment improve comfort?

I did about 4 miles today on my Torker LX with stock seat, and it started getting a little uncomfortable. I’m not doing any jumping around, just riding.

Which rail adapter and seatpost did you buy? The Torker takes a 1 inch (24.5 mm) seatpost…don’t know what the Coker uses…


this post…it should come in your size.
I think this adapter…I had to cut it down a smidge for the Coker.

I always call and talk to a human and ask them if what I’m buying is compatible…


Next time I see you, I would like a lesson about what you did and how you did it. I am interested in a better seat setup for my 29er. I can ride for about 20 minutes then I have stop and “rest” about a minute.


what do rail-type adapters do?

I have the Nimbus 29er and just a month ago set it up with the KH rail adapter and bicycle style seat post. The bicycle seat post allows you a very wide range of angles for your seat. The rail adapter simply bolts on to your seat and then allows you to fit this to the bike seat post. The main advantage is that with this set-up, your bottom can be placed on the wide part of the seat rather than at the narrow middle portion. Secondarily, you can adjust how far forward or backward your seat is on the post (about 2.5 inches of range).

It is worth the expense. My seat looks weird with the front angled up so much further than before, but I do not get numb anymore and can comfortably travel several miles without stopping. I have the standard (not gel) KH seat. There are other posts describing how to insert gel pads under the seat cover to further increase comfort, but I think the rail adapter and bike post are the first essential step.

Couldn’t have said it better.

WR no problem.

A rail adaptor is $30. A decent post is $16. It is absolutely worth it. It is fully adjustable, but you only really monkey around with it one time. Once you’re happy, you lock 'em in and forget about it.

In other words, you “set it and forget it”. Where have I heard that before?

I have studied the pieces a little more closely so now I think I understand how everything fits together. Sounds like the hard part is figuring out what size diameter seat post I have.

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