nimbus gel is kh seat?

I notice today as I was tightening up my very loose seat bolts on my new nimbus 26 muni that there is kris holm stamped in the base of the nimbus seat. Are the seat bases the same, with just a different pad/cover?

I missed checking the seat bolts after I got the Uni, I can’t believe UDC lets them go out the door without checking them. All were very loose.

Yes, the new Nimbus Gel’s use the KH 2009 base. I don’t know if the foam is the same.

Obviously those seats are both made in the same molds/same factory. Variations of them are also available under different names as well, I think including the Coker saddle. Since there has been so much innovation and variation since the KH saddles were introduced it can be hard to keep track, but if you have any of them, you have a really nice seat.

I found this to be the case too on my new Nimbus trials unicycle from UDC. Even better, they gave me a KH rim. Sweet!

Every unicycle I have purchase new (3) had loose bolts here and there. I lost one of the seat bolts out of my KH24. I learned to check the tightness of every thing when it comes. Then you should check it every so many rides depending on how long or aggressive you are.

I’ve been wondering about this myself. Does the Nimbus saddle use the KH Freeride base on the Street base?

both KH freeride and KH street saddle use the same base. only the foam and the cover is a little bit different. And Nimbus does use KH seatbases on their seats.

Pretty sure Kris mentioned the new KH seat base was going to be used on other uni’s when it was announced.

Interesting thing is quite a few local riders including myself find the new Nimbus seat (that comes on the 20" Trials, 24" MUni, 26" MUni) to be an uncomfortable ball crusher. One young guy has stopped riding altogether until he can afford a new seat.

Also yeah you gotta check those seat bolts on new uni’s. A couple of kids here have had them drop out of new Nimbus uni’s which is a bit of a hassle. We keep some spares handy.

Someone posted a while back (I think kh) that the new kh base would only be available on the kh ff and street saddles, and the nimbus street. All the other similar saddles are built on the regular velo base.
Every different saddle on the new kh base uses a different foam/ cover.

Is it too curved? If you search the forums there have been a few threads on modifying seats to get a flatter shape.

Dunno Eric, don’t use one myself, it’s the seat on the loaner :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure any of the young guys will be interested in modding seats as they’ve already tried other seats that are comfortable e.g. the older Nimbus seat, plus the stapled on cover makes it a bit of a hassle. Will pass that info onto them though.

Here’s info straight from the source:

Thanks sofauxboho, I was too lazy to dig it up. Nice to be able to read over it again, I had forgotten the ff saddle also got the stretch nylon and deeper channel similar to muniaddict’s mod.