Nimbus Freestyle(will trade for trials/street)

I have a longneck, Nimbus freestyle. Not sure of the model of frame. If someone could help me out with that, I’d be very thankful. :slight_smile:

48 spoke wheel.

ISIS Nimbus Venture cranks. 114mm.

Primo, “The Wall” tire. Great shape. Extremely little wear.

Kris Holm saddle. Pretty sure it’s the street saddle because it’s got the stiffener plate area on it. Comes with the cover also. Saddle is mint beneath the cover, I believe.

Frame is in near perfect condition.

I’d take $275 shipped(continental US only, please) for it or, I’d trade it for a street/trials uni in reasonable shape. Longneck frame very much preferred, but not required. $250 for local pickup(I’m in the Kansas City area).

That’s a longneck Nimbus X steel frame.


Need this sold.


I am in a club of one member

II’m in the Kansas City area).

Just what I have been looking for a KC area unicyclist! I live in the Northland around 152 and north oak. I work in Desoto. I ride a Nimbus equinox street myself and love it! Would love to ride with someone else once in a while for a change instead of by myself all the time. Let me know if you want to ride sometime.