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hi all, i wanted to know if anyone has any experiences with the nimbus unis, i`ve heard a lot about the nimbus 2 but hardly any about the 1, i understand they are begginer munis but just how begginer is begginer, on this frames?

Nimbus 1 is round crowned, and I don’t know if it can take a 3" wide tire. But if you’re referring to the Nimbus MUni at that has the Nimbus II frame. I have it and I like it. I don’t bash my knees on it even though it’s quite wide.

im talking about <a href="">nimbus</a> im just calling it 1 because ive heard of nimbus 2. It can take a 3" tire as it comes with one, it seems really nice for its price, thatswhy im asking…


The nimbus frames are great for the price!

I have a nimbus 1 frame on my Muni, and nimbus 2 on my Trials and my Freestyle/Hockey.

The only difference is that the nimbus 1’s have a rounded shouldered crown, the nimbus 2’s have a flat shouldered crown.

There is a new range of Nimbus frames, which are called XXX (or nimbus 2 2003). The 24" and 26/28" have a wider shoulder (which I personally dont like, as I find they hit the inside of my legs - just my riding style) The new 20" XXX (or nimbus 2 2003) frames are the best afordable freestyle frames I have seen… I want one! They have a flat crown, which is great for stand up tricks, and £32, you cant complain!

Unicycle.Uk.Com search for Nimbus (that link might not work, if it dont, just search for it yourself)

Hope that helped you a bit.

I shall be ordering a 20" XXX frame off roger soon…


The Nimbus MUni is probably the cheapest sort of good muni available. Wait for a while and it will probably come with the new Cro-Mo hub. Mine is the original version with 3" gazza. I’ve done some drops about 1m high and still haven’t broke the hub. And I really am a beginner. So, if you want to get into MUni, get either the Nimbus MUni or Qu-Ax. The advantage on Qu-Ax is that it comes with a sturdy splined hub. Downside is that it weighs more. And the frame top is a little wider.

nimbus 26" MUni

Thanks for the info on this ride everyone. Without much information, I plan to buy the 26" Nimbus MUni very soon. I am 6’2" (188 cm), 210 lbs (96 Kgs). I am a capable beginner and am looking to ride the great parks and running trails of San Francisco. Do you have alternate suggestions, or any specifics that 42 year old fat guys should be aware of? No, seriously, do you? My wife thanks you.

Re: nimbus 26" MUni

Don’t wear horizontal stripes? :smiley:

I’m in the 40+, ~100 kg category too so I can relate. Obviously buy heavy duty stuff and treat it as if it were medium duty. With age comes wisdom, so I doubt you’ll actually break anything.

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