Nimbus Frames/seatpost reviews

Thought I’d share some information about some Nimbus frames I have. Might be a useful reference for someone.

Nimbus II 20 inch frame with clamp-994 g
Chromoly seat post (300mm)- 403 g after I cut about 2 inches off. 361 g

Total weight- 1355 g

Nimbus X 20 frame (300mm) with clamp- 1069 g
chrome steel post (200mm)-325 g after cutting off about 2 inches- 225 g

Total weight- 1294 g

Weights are very similar. Both frames are very nice. For my riding I really like the X frame. It is much easier for me to get my foot on the frame, for those types of tricks. I would often hit the inside of my knee with the nimbus II frame, during unispins. Because the X frame is lower, I still hit but it tends to hit my guards instead of my flesh.

Obviously, the Nimbus II has an edge over the X in the Trials department, because the seat height is more adjustable.

Both frames in combination with these seatposts are very strong. The X frame might feel a little stiffer (very hard to tell).

FYI the aluminum 300mm 25.4 mm seatpost is 287 g.

Here is a pic of my modified uni. I started with a stock Nimbus trials ISIS. So far I’ve broke the stock cranks (bent), couple of spokes, seatpost and seat and it has evolved into this. CF seatbase will be here shortly.

The color on the frame is just nylon tape, kind of fun and protects the frame a little bit, seems to hold up pretty well, looks pretty good from a distance :smiley: .

Looks pretty good?! Wtf.

That looks damn sexy!

Looks pretty good?! Wtf.

That looks damn sexy!

I think they should revise the longneck to take 25.4mm (atleast) seatposts. Only then would I consider it as my Thomson post wouldn’t fit. Looks like you’ve got a pretty sweet ride though. You said it looks good from a distance… how about close up?

It’s about 8mm top and 6mm on the sides. I think about exactly the same as the Nimbus II. The Nimbus II might have a little less clearance at the top, but the top of the X frame is closer to the tire.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I agree. This frame with a shorter (maybe 200mm) neck (to take more advantage of the aluminum post weight savings), a thomson post and wallis base would be very nice.

It looks okay up close, but it’s no powder coat :D. If I could find really wide tape (like 2 inch) I could get it to look even better.

You will need to be creative about how you space the bearings so the spokes do not rub the frame. I noticed my Moment hub fit in my free-tricks frame much better after the flanges had been bent in a bit from ridding.

the problem with the koxx frames and KH hubs only appears to be on their alu frames (cause of the thickness of the bearingholders)

As far as i know there is no problem with devilframes and so on

Well I’f seen a black domina frame with KH 2007 hub in it.
Will try my XTP on a KH 2007 hub soon.

Peter M

He modded the domina frame a bit at the bearingholders.