nimbus frames and nimbus uni's

So they sell just the nimbus frames and they also sell Nimbus unicycles on

Im trying to match them up and see what frames they have being sold with the unicycles being sold.

Would anyone be willing to match them up or me?

Mainly these Nimbus unicycles

Heres a link to the nimbus frames

I am most interested in the first 3 nimbus frames shown



Click on the unicycle you are interested in and scroll down to the description, it will tell you which frame it uses.

Why do you ask anyway? Are you planning on getting a custom Nimbus trials with a different frame?

ok cool thanks.

IDK i plan on getting a new unicycle within the next month. I was just gonna order one from but im thinking about ordering a bunch of parts and putting it all together myself. If i buy one alredy piut together it will be this one

or this one

most likely the first one though

I’m fairly certain that you can call UDC and ask for a custom uni.

Like call and say “I want a red nimbus trials with a rounded crown frame and a KH seat instead”

I think you can do that.

bredon I have your first suggestion and think it was a good choice. I friend has your second choice and I have ridden it also but I still like mine a bit better. Both good unis.

alrite cool, thanks guys, not sure waat im gonna do yet :wink:

Bear in mind that the nimbus x street unicycle has a smaller diameter seatpost, so if and when you need to replace it you will not have many options that you would normally have for an upgrade.

it says ots 22x300, Does anyone know how many mm that is, i knoew the torker lx is 25.4mm

EDIT- Stupid question nevermind 22mm. Right?