nimbus frame

what does the nimbus x frame and the nimbus ll frame look like. Also, what is the biggest difference in the two

there isnt a difference i believe…its just a freestyle frame.

the frame design is much different, the new nimbus II frame is more similar than the old one… from what i have been told, the nimbux x would not fit a 2.5inch tire. but i dont know if this is the fact

I dont think the Nimbus X can fit a 2.5 tire i remeber asking tony about that a while ago and he said you could’nt

The Nimbus X Frame is a Freestyle frame, it definately cannot fit a Trials (2.5inch) Tyre.

The Nimbus II Frame can fit a Trials tyre.

The Nimbus X has a completely flat crown, and a slimmer profile crown. It’s also available in a selection of Neck Lengths. The flat crown is great for stand up tricks, as is the longer neck (Gets that seatpost clamp out of the way). The longer neck also allows you to have the strong frame right up to the seat, rather than having a super long seatpost.

The Nimbus II frame crown is, for want of a better description, “Upside Down V With Legs and a Neck” - It is kinda funky for standing on, and I don’t think you can buy it with a long neck. It’s a more versatile frame, though.


Nimbus II
Nimbus X Long Neck

i knew you would know all that is to know about nimbus matt, lol.
anyways, nimbus II is sold on nimbus freestyle uni’s too :wink:
but yeah, definatley a street/trial frame for reasons matt described’d

thanks people